Our Services

Generating Efficient Manpower

The future holds more than what we see and we need to prepare ourselves in terms of technology. Hitech trains the interested and eligible candidates practically. We expose the trainees into professional environment and help them get used to it.

Also. we provide the technical skills to the trainees to develop themselves and keep up to speed with the rapid growth in technology.  What we do is an emerging idea and a new concept in Nepal. Training to produce skilled manpower in the field of mechanical engineering, software development, robotics and various other field with technology at its core is what we do and we are proud of.

Counseling Service

Though we are not a consultancy we sure do give consultancy services to people who are willing to go to Germany. You can visit our office for more information.

We provide counseling regarding what it's like in Germany. This may include the necessary documents and the procedure. Also, trainees will be provided information about the job placements in the companies in Germany. The trainees will have the full understanding of the culture & work ethics in Germany by the end of our service.


Software Training

We provide software training to our trainees by presenting real world instructional scenarios in engaging self-reinforcing manner. This helps them to grow their skills as well as learn to tackle the real time problems.

We provide two types of software development training, Application Software & Development Software.

Training in Development Software refers to learning how to build a software which can later be used for developing applications.

On the other hand, Application Software training (CNC/CAD simulation, Robotics & A.I. Algorithm training) means learning how to use already built software to generate applications.

Technical Training

The trainees will understand the theoretical as well as practical implications of following:

  • Human Machine Interface
  • Industrial ethernet
  • Electrical plan
  • Servometer control, sensor, data acquisition
  • Kinematic and autonomous manufacturing.
  • AI , Machining lerning, Robotic: Hardware, Controlsystem and Software
  • Software Cloud computing, Big Data