About US

Hitech manpower production and mobilization is a registered and authorized organization by the approval from government of Nepal since 2016 under the company act 2063 ID no:141190 and PAN no: 603552373 with its unique motto: "the power of 21st century". It was established by the leading expert in IT sectors. Since the establishment our company has provided different careers training and counseling as well as job opportunities.

We train you according to your capabilities and outsource you to various companies around the world. We give you basic trainings here in Nepal and send you to Germany for the advanced training and mobilize you accordingly.

Our Mission

• Preparing skilled manpower for handling the futuristic technology for the development of Nepal.
• Production of skilled manpower required to operate in the energy and technology sector so there will be able manpower fit to operate and repair machinery tools and equipment related to such sectors.
Such manpower can be mobilized in the field of demanding areas.
• Prepare manpower that can make the maximum benefit which can help to repair and maintain in the field of automobiles in a required area.
• Prepare manpower in such a way that they operate, control as well as maintain the electronic equipments in demanding areas.
• Mobilize the skilled manpower in the mechanincal, electrical Robotics and in various IT related field.

Our Objectives
  • According to customer demand, company will supply and provide various business related activities in the field of information technology.
  • Company will generate skilled and well trained manpower and run the institute as well as company will publish news and events and conduct training seminar in the field of information technology.
  • Company will develop various software, sell and distribute, will run E-commerce business.
  • Preparing skilled manpower and mobilize in government, non-government offices, firm and different other sectors.
  • Company will work with other indigenous and foreign companies as a representatives of their company.

Our Team

We are a group of engineers and IT professionals who constantly
question,tinker and challenge each other to unlock creativity on every step of the way. We care about quality and craft of our services in order to maintain company's standard and deliver results.

Damodar Gauli


Former Regional Educational Director, Joint Secretary, Director N.C.E.D, Ministry of Education

Sanjeev Kumar Rai

General manager (G.M)

Govinda Shrestha


-B.E Electrical and Electronics

Rikesh Shrestha


-B.E Computer

Prabin Karki

Software Developer

-B.E Computer

Besh Prakash

Software Engineer

-B.E Electronics & Communication
-M.E Computer Engineering

Rupak Chaulagain

Software Engineer

-B.E Computer